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TrueBrit - Party Manager

My name is Yvonne i was born in Manchester uk i have 8 brothers had 4 sister which i lost 2 from cancer, My father worked in the coalmines mum in the cotton mills.

I have one son 1 grandson and one dog Mocha i love all types of genre my brothers played mostly rock and Dire Straits my parents loved Daniel O donnel Jim Reeves.

11 years ago while in pogo some one came into the room and asked if we liked music lots said yes and started giving their tune out, i asked how can you listen to music in pogoland then they put up a radio station so yes i tuned in.

Every day then they came to get my tune i then became a pogo spotter going out to promote the radio station then they trained me to assists djs with their music then they asked me if i would like to become a dj so here i am.

Sadley they closed the station and for over a week i was so lost then while looking online came across PJR and i applied and here i am Music is the Heart To Ones Soul and will always bring us together Thank you Tigress for keeping the music in my heart.




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