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Tigress - Owner, Manager & Dj

I didn't decide to become a DJ. Instead, I was thrown under the bus into the profession, realizing very quickly that I found my passion in life – even if it was by accident! Since then, never looked back, taking on opportunity after opportunity without so much of a backwards glance. A ' New Jersey native' , I was born and raised in old bridge, attending both grade school and high school.

"One day the old radio station was short for DJs for a daytime slot and asked if I could dj music for them. At that time I did not know anything about DJing, but I knew music. doc AKA DRDIRTY taught me how to work the equipment, just enough to get through the 2 hour show, and afterwards said if I was interested in really learning how to DJ he would teach me. Needless to say, I said yes!"This was a game-changing moment for me– someone who loved music but had never considered going behind the decks to provide entertainment for others. This fundamental passion for music has remained the key driving force behind my work

"I pride myself on knowing what music I have and making sure I am always up to date. I like to not only play the hits but, more than anything, I enjoy being able to drop a fresh track and educate people. When I am not DJing I enjoy spending time with my family, going to dinner with my friends

I am grateful to call doc my friend rest easy .

"My advice is this: Don' t worry so much about how many people know you, just as long as the right people do, emphasizing the importance of being sociable. "Oh, and never stop practicing!"

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