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Rockin Ron - Owner, & Dj

Born and raised in Virginia, I always had a love for music at an early age and thought it would be cool to be a d.J. After graduating high school in 1977 I got a part time job at a broadcast AM/FM radio station which eventually worked into a full time job which I worked for nearly 30 yrs until I decided to change professions.

I always loved radio and entertaining the public. The highlight of my broadcast radio years was being the music director at the station and working with different music formats. I've done Top 40, Soul, Country, Blues, Oldies and Easy listening.

I was searching for internet radio stations and came across this one. Started doing a show on Sunday and was asked by then owner DJ Dr. Dirty to become co-owner. I've been with the station for over 3 yrs and still enjoy it.

Rockin Ron

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