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Chi - Asst Manager & Dj

Okay you wonder how I became DJ Chi at PJR, and must say it started in my youth by my parents. I got in touch with music because my parents were born late 50s, and loved the 60s music, and passing on their love of music.

I already did love music to listen to and relax me, I got up with music and go to bed with it. So yes a music lover and a bit addicted to it in the good sense of the word. Then in the 90s I bought my first cassette tape from: Madonna,then first single from: Inner Circle - Sweet (A La La Long),my first CD was from: Take That, That I bought when i whas 17 years old, in my hometown Tiel, The Netherlands

But my husband Leon Jansen (aka Dj Freaky) started DJing at Steaming Hot Radio.com I started to listen to it and get more curious,how its worked and wanted to learn, so leon teach me this,and I became more curious and eager to learn more, so I first starts as listener at Steaminghotradio.com, then I quickly became degrades to promo, thank to DJ DR.Dirty and Dj Tigress they gave me the oppertunity to do this, and i did my work so far so good and still does. And this whas just the first steps to learn more for my Favorite Radio Station, so after learning more how its works and try my first show i whas affraid to talk, to play music and with help of Dj Freaky next to me as duete show, i learn to trust my self more. So than did my own show and become a Dj,and build me further up,thanks to Dj Tigress she made me promo manager,than Assistant Manager,now im Assistant Station Manager and part Technical Support to,the thanks to Dj Tigress and Dj Mark, so thank you so much for this oppertunity,its still an honour that i can and may still do this job for my Radio Station. Im by this station since begin the days as they were Steaminghotradio till PowerJamzRadio.live thats over 5 years now, and im still learning for the station and my self.

Well you wonder who is this I am D.J. van Baaren (Dj Chihuahua) born in Tiel, The Netherlands and still love music that comes in these day,whether it's Oldies till R&B, Pop, Country, or hot from the press music i like them all. Im Dj Chi playing Randomly Mix Up Music a variety of music for everyone, its makes me so happy to entertain everyone with all kind of music they love to listen,its good to hear feedback so i can play more music you whant, thats our purpuse of radio station to exstance our selfs to build our webradio bigger better,but without the help of our Listeners its not possible, yes thank you all for your loyal support.

We are proud of our listeners and we all thank you for that offers for our station.

Greetings of Chi

Assistant Station Manager

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