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I've always been told I had a 'radio voice' from the days as a lifeguard. Music has been a part of my life growing up, my parents played a variety of music which made me appreciate all genre's. I was born and raised in inner-city Seattle for 12 years then made the move to rural Alaska. Graduating in the 80's, the music resignated and connected to life.

I've been a PC Gamer all my life. I was a leader of a very large, world wide gaming community and the idea was brought to me about starting an internet radio station. Of course I asked for the particiulars and eventually it was approved. This was my first radio DJ gig and I loved it starting the Hair Nation Show which is a 1980's Rock Genre specific program. I left that community but still game weekly with my old friends playing Rainbow 6 Siege. I started seeking another DJ position and found the great Powerjamzradio.

A large part of my show is the connection to family and friends that come to listen and connect over the miles we're separated. It really is a blessing. In addition, I've met a lot of new friends and connected with old friends I hadn't seen in decades. Music unites the world and I love it.


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